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Cielo Azul Apartments

Resident Qualifying Criteria and Occupancy Standards

The Community Will Not Discriminate Against Any Person Based on Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Disability or Familial Status.

Age Requirement: Leaseholder(s) must be 18 years or older (except as protected under the familial stauts). A separate rental application must be completed by each applicant, co-applicant and any occupant over the age of 18.

Animals: All animals are subject to management approval and community policy, non-aggressive breeds. A pet deposit will be required and there is a limit of two pets per unit. A non-refundable pet deposit of $300 will be charged with $150 being non-refundable. The maximum weight allowed is 40 pounds, and a monthly pet rent is $15.

Availability Policy: Apartments become available to pre-lease when the current resident submits a written notice to vacate.

Application Fee: A NONREFUNDABLE $45/single and $55/married non-refundable application fee is required per application. A nonrefundable Administration fee of $75 will be charged per unit.

Bankruptcy/Foreclosure: Subject to review and may require an additional deposit or co-signer, and a mimimun of 10 years old.

Credit Requirements: Credit history must must have minimal gerogatory accounts. Medical and student accounts will not be considered. No credit may be grounds for an additional deposit or a co-signer. An open bankruptcy may be grounds for denial.

Criminal History: A person with a felony conviction and/or that has received deferred adjudication for a felony will not be accepted. Person(s) convicted of a misdemeanor and/or have received deferred adjudication for crimes involving assault, destruction of peroperty, firearms, indecent exposure, a minor, the manufacture/ possession/ delivery of a controlled substance, prostitution, public lewdness, sexual in nature, stalking, theft or violence or harm against a person(s) will not be accepted.

Employment Verification: Leaseholders must be currently employed and have six month of satisfactory, verifiable income and employment history. This includes check stubs, personal check copies, and bank statements, of deposits only.

Self-Employment: Must provide previous year's income tax return and previous two months bank statements. Persons who hold jobs that receive commission only, base salary plus commission, tips or bonuses will be considered self-employed.

Occupancy Standard: Two person maximum occupancy per bedroom (exception - child less than 6 months of age).

Renters Insurance: Required renters insurance throughout lease contract is required per unit. Proof of renters insurance will be required prior to move in.

Electricity: Electricity service is not provided by the apartment complex, proof of electric provider will be required to be under the lease holder prior to move in.

Income Requirement: The gross monthly income of all leaseholders will be considered jointly and must equal 3 times the market rental amount on the apartment.

Residency: Rental history will be reviewed and there must be 6 months of positive history withno derogatory references including: non payment of rent or frequent late rent, failing to fulfill lease agreement and/or lease violations, unpaid balance or rent or charges, eviction and/or skip. Any debt owed to an apartment community must be paid off and verified beofre an applicatn can be approved. High risk fee applied of there is no rental or bad rental.

Second Chance Leasing: Broken lease or eviction must be over 3 years old with 2 years of positive rental history, and show proof of balance paid in full. Applicatn will also be required to pay an extra deposit determined at the time of review, and a nonrefundable high risk fee should this apply.

A Co-Signer/Guarantor or an additional security deposit/non refundable fee may be required for the following: Applicant who are first-time renters, full time students or who do not meet income requirements. Guarantors must have gross monthly income of at lease five times the monethly rent and must meet all other qualifying criteria. The guarantor must complete the sign a lease guaranty agreement. Only a relative or employer may guarantee the lease.

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